Citrus Chamber of Commerce CEO's anti-Christian bigotry sparks call for boycott

By John Labriola - Outraged Christian conservatives are calling for a boycott of Citrus County Chamber of Commerce businesses following Chamber President and CEO Josh Wooten's inflammatory remarks comparing opponents of LGBT propaganda targeting children to racists and segregationists. 

At the April 26 meeting of the Library Governing Board  made up of all five county commissioners and two local city councilmembers  Wooten urged the board to ignore the many concerned citizens who were calling for the replacement of Library Advisory Board members who have defended LGBT "Pride Month" displays in the county's libraries. 

"I run the largest business organization in the county and I hear nothing about this. I don't think the majority of the business community is worried about what types of displays are in the libraries or who the library board should be," Wooten sneered. 

Wooten went on to argue that local parental rights advocates should be ignored even if they are the majority and compared them to supporters of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, who tried to block integration of the University of Alabama in 1963. (See video above.)

"I always go back to the governor standing in the schoolhouse door in Alabama. The majority wanted him to stop people from coming into the schoolhouse door, so I'm telling you all, don't stand in front of the schoolhouse door!" Wooten said, equating those who oppose LGBT grooming of children with racists. 

"What a shame this man is!" said Mary Seader of Inverness, who is running for the Citrus County School Board. "He is attacking people who don't want sex messages presented to children!" 

Besides smearing Christians as racists, Wooten said he would put the names of "agitators" in a sealed envelope and hand it to county leaders. 

Jack Martin, a pastor and Republican candidate for Congress, raised the prospect of a boycott.  

"I suspect if all the people in Citrus that are upset were to stop buying at Chamber businesses because of this man's reckless comments, he might find out the issue is more important than he gives credit," said Martin, who also spoke at the April 26 library governing board meeting. "It would seem he owes the people of Citrus an apology." 

The Citrus County Chamber of Commerce receives significant support from the county and was recently designated by the county commission as the coordinator of the new Citrus One-Stop Recovery and Economic (CORE) Center, which will decide how to dole out up to $5.3 million in federal CARES Act money to local businesses. 

A directory of Chamber businesses can be found HERE. Urge your local Chamber business to drop their membership in the Chamber unless Josh Wooten resigns over his anti-Christian bigotry.  

You also can email Wooten at


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