April showdown looms over LGBT propaganda displays

By John Labriola -

Citrus County officials have set the stage for a major showdown over LGBT indoctrination in late April when the county's elected leaders will consider applicants to the Library Advisory Board (LAB), the unelected body that has backed the public libraries' "Gay Pride Month" displays.

By a 7-2 vote, the leftist-dominated LAB on March 22 rejected a motion by LAB member Elaine Kleid to recommend that the County Commission revisit the library system's display policy after dozens of residents showed up at the meeting to oppose the displays and presented over 800 signatures on a petition to demand they be canceled. (See meeting video here.)

Before the vote, LAB Vice Chairwoman Neale Brennan tried to make everyone feel stupid for coming by condescendingly stating that the LAB is "not a policy-making board," even though everyone knew the County Commission had delegated that power to the LAB in January when commissioners narrowly decided to punt the issue to them instead of approving Chairman Ron Kitchen and Commissioner Scott Carnahan's move to cancel the monthlong displays, which were in the Inverness and Crystal River library entranceways last June. 

Hours after last week's LAB meeting, the county commission met to announce that appointments to the nine-member LAB will be made on April 26. Commissioners will meet that day in their capacity as the governing board for the county library system to decide whether to reappoint or replace five LAB members whose terms are expiring. Joining commissioners will be their fellow governing board members Councilwoman Jacquie Hepfer of Inverness and Councilman Ken Brown of Crystal River. 

Toward the end of last week's commission meeting, Commissioner Jeff Kinnard – who on Jan. 4 cast the deciding vote to NOT cancel the LGBT displays – said he would only reconsider his vote if the LAB recommends it. His position significantly raises the stakes for the April 26 meeting, since it means the fate of LGBT propaganda displays in our libraries now rests entirely on who gets appointed to the LAB, which will meet again on May 10 to discuss whether to bring back the displays this June.
As many residents have noted, this issue is much bigger than the "Pride Month" library displays themselves, which featured rainbow flags, LGBT slogans and books promoting homosexuality and transgenderism to children as well as adults. The LGBT movement's insidious agenda always starts small but soon spreads like a cancer to destroy entire communities if it's not stamped out as soon as it first rears its ugly head. The number of formerly Bible Belt cities throughout the South that are now cesspools of degeneracy is too long to list. 

Let's defend Citrus County from LGBT ideological colonization by showing up next month to demand a shakeup of the Library Advisory Board. The meeting will take place at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, in the Citrus County Courthouse, 110 N. Apopka Ave.  

Meanwhile, if you haven't signed it yet, please add your name to the petition to cancel taxpayer-funded LGBT propaganda in Citrus County:


  1. This display has no place in a public library children have a hard enough time trying to figure out the basic things in life without having sexuality issues in their face at the libraries


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